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Kerastase Booster Hair Treatment 120 ml Single

Kerastase Booster Hair Treatment 120 ml Single

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Combine with Kerastase Fusio Dose for Complete Performance!


Kerastase Booster Cicablond: Blond Hair Enhancement

  • Highlights: Intense hydration (60% boost) strengthens hair fibers, nourishes Vitamin E, illuminates cool blonde tones, and increases softness and shine by 85%.
  • Ideal for: Blond, color-treated hair aiming for an icy tone.
  • Usage: Suitable for post-lightening or regular salon visits.
  • Results: Noticeably healthier, vibrant blond hair.

Kerastase Booster Nutrition: Camellia Oil Hair Revitalizer

  • Key Features: Deep nourishment, 64% increased hydration, eased styling, radiant shine, and unparalleled softness.
  • Best for: Dry hair transformation into hydrated, shiny locks.
  • Application: Apply on clean, damp hair, massage, and rinse.
  • Proven Results: 85% more conditioned hair.

Kerastase Booster Anti-frizz: Smoothness Enhancer

  • Benefits: Humidity-proofing, polypeptide-enriched for conditioning and shine, superior manageability.
  • Ideal for: Taming frizzy hair in high humidity.
  • Impact: 86% more conditioned, 54% more hydration for smoother hair.

Kerastase Booster Brilliance: Color and Shine Enhancer

  • Key Ingredients: Lactic and Tartaric Acid.
  • Functions: Color preservation, nourishment, shine enhancement.
  • Recommended for: Color-treated hair, ensuring vibrant color and shine.
  • Results: 93% more conditioned, brighter hair color.

Kerastase Booster Reconstruction: Solution for Damaged Hair

  • Features: Instant strength, protein-rich, dual-action nourishment and protection, silky smooth finish.
  • Target Audience: Those with damaged hair seeking restoration.
  • Benefits: Reduced breakage, 85% more conditioned, 68% more hydrated hair.
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