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Kerastase Chronologiste Thermique Regenerant Blow Dry Primer 5.1oz - 150ml

Kerastase Chronologiste Thermique Regenerant Blow Dry Primer 5.1oz - 150ml

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Kerastase Thermique Regenerant Blow Dry Primer – your secret weapon for achieving salon-worthy hair at home. This luxurious, lightweight primer is designed to protect, nourish, and repair your tresses during the heat-styling process, ensuring that your hair looks and feels its absolute best. Infused with a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Abyssine, and Vitamin E, the Thermique Regenerant Blow Dry Primer works to strengthen, smooth, and restore your locks for a flawless finish every time.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides robust heat protection up to 450°F, defending your hair from the damaging effects of heat-styling tools
  • Nourishes and fortifies hair fibers with Hyaluronic Acid, promoting long-lasting strength and resilience
  • Abyssine revitalizes and invigorates the scalp, creating an optimal environment for healthy hair growth
  • Vitamin E fights against external aggressors and oxidative stress, preserving the integrity of your hair
  • Delivers a smooth, shiny, and frizz-free finish, ensuring that your tresses look professionally styled all day long
  • Reduces blow-dry time for a quicker and more efficient styling routine

How to Use:

  1. Begin by towel-drying your hair, ensuring that it is damp but not soaking wet.
  2. Apply a walnut-sized amount of Kerastase Thermique Regenerant Blow Dry Primer to your hands, and rub them together to evenly distribute the product.
  3. Massage the primer into your hair, concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends. Be sure to avoid applying the product directly to your scalp.
  4. Comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to ensure even distribution.
  5. Proceed with your usual blow-drying and heat-styling routine. No need to rinse the primer out – it will work its magic as you style!
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